Why not use Procore, Aconex or other big software?

❎ For many reasons.

The softwares currently out there are expensive and complicated to use. Some service also don't let you sign up if you are a smaller business or working on a small project.

Konsto is specifically for smaller business and smaller projects. 

It is affordable, simple and very easy to use.

It is for project leaders such as architects and project managers from concept to completion.

What is the main differentiator?

🌞 It's incredibly simple.

One of the major challenges in the property and construction industry is the technology adoption by users. The software out there also doesn't encourage this as it is overly complex.

On the otherhand, Konsta has a very minimal user interface and only contains the features you'll actually be using.

... And it's probably got the most important things you need.

  • Project List for Organisations

  • Project Dashboard

  • RFI

  • Contracts

  • Drawings / Document Management

  • Project Team List

  • Project Reporting

  • Photo / Galleries

More technical stuff.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure

    Meaning you can access the documents, RFIs, photos, whereever you have internet.
  • Secure

    Your files are backed up in a reliable database
  • Fast

    Uncomplicated architecture
  • Mobile Friendly

    Read the story in our company blog.

And best is yet to come.

  • Bookmarks
  • Checklists
  • Contract Management

Keep tuned! 🎈

We're continually improving the software to help you manage your projects easier.

You can see the latest news and updates from our blog. 

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