Story behind Konsta

Hi, I'm Andrew, and I'm the founder of Konsta.  

By day, I'm a client-side project manager in the building and construction industry.

Throughout my career, I thought that there must be a better way to do many of the tasks that I was doing. I was using many spreadsheets to track RFI, using dropbox to share drawings and spending too much time trying to identify whether everyone had the latest drawings and much more.

On behalf of companies that I was working for before, I reviewed many of the big software out there.

But many software out there were too expensive and confusing. A lot of people I talked to resisted using the software because it was actually adding more time to what they needed to do. So I decided to create a software on my own.

In 2020, I launched Konsta to beta invites.

My vision is for Konsta to help simplify managing projects for project managers and architects through simple to use and user beautiful interface and affordable pricing.

Konsta Team

Konsta is developed and maintained in Melbourne, Australia.

Our small team comprises of incredibly talented freelancers who are constantly working to improve the software.

  • Andrew Kim
  • Denis Novikov
    Python Developer
  • Sumedha Aggarwal
    Python and Javascript Developer
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