Manage and share documents, photos, and RFIs in one spot.

Easy-to-use and affordable construction project management software. For small to medium sized projects.

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"So simple even I found it easy." 

- Kevin, Henson Projects

  • Save time. Save costs.

    Streamline workflow and collaborate effectively with your project team.
  • From Concept Design to Practical Completion

    Use it for any phase of the project
  • Easy to use for everyone

    Anyone from contractors to architects.

Software For Project Leaders.

Designed for Project Managers and Architects to manage projects from design to completion.

  • Konsta person2
    To liaise with clients and subbies
  • Konsta person3
    To use with clients, subconsultants, and to manage builders.
  • Konsta person1
    Project Manager
    To use with clients, architects, engineers, and builders.

One Source of Truth for Important Information

Konsto tracks most important documents such as Contracts, RFIs, Documents and Payments.

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Integrated Best Practice

The simplicity of Konsto helps you manage information using the best practise. Manage documents, tracking RFIs, and keeping historical records with ease!

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1 Organisation = 1 Team

Information is shared by organisations, not by individuals. That means, if somebody leaves the organisation, the important information is not

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Konsto Features

Contains the essentials for managing a project team. 

  • Organisation

    • Project List
    • Org Members
  • Projects

    • Dashboard
    • Project Updates
    • Request For Information
    • Contracts
    • Drawings / Documents
    • Payments
    • Project Team List
    • Photos
  • Best Experience

    • Fast
    • Simple and Easy
    • Cloud-based
    • Mobile Friendly

Want to try using it for free for a year?

We are currently looking for businesses to partner up - we'll be offering 1 year of Konsto software for free.

The catch? Provide us with feedback and testimonials.

For limited time only.

Affordable Pricing for All Projects

Unlike other construction software, there's no need to invest a lot of money upfront. 

Only the project owner needs to pay for the platform.

The price is per project.

  • Basic

    Perfect for just starting out with clients
    Per project
    • ✓
      Invite up to 3 Organisations
    • ✓
      10 GB Storage
    • ✓
      Free online 1 to 1 training
  • Team

    For managing small design or construction team
    Per project
    • ✓
      Invite up to 8 Organisations
    • ✓
      100 GB Storage
    • ✓
      Free online 1 to 1 training
  • Business

    For managing larger design and construction team
    Per project
    • ✓
      Invite ∞ Organisations
    • ✓
      Up to 1TB Storage
    • ✓
      Free online 1 to 1 training
    • ✓
      Prioritised training and support
  • Enterprise

    Customised Plan For your company
    Call us
    Per Organisation
    • ✓
      Create Projects (set your limit)
    • ✓
      Invite ∞ Organisations
    • ✓
      5TB Storge
    • ✓
      Free online 1 to 1 training
    • ✓
      Prioritised training and support
    • ✓
      Easier Payment

Read our early testimonials!

Read what our early adopters and testers have to say about Konsto!

"...The first thing that struck me about Konsto was the well-designed interface. It is visually well-designed, simple to use, and very intuitive... this beautiful website is also something I would be excited to introduce my clients to and use as a collaboration tool with them. "

"I saw immediately how Konsto will meaningfully streamline the management of my projects, be time-saving and therefore cost-saving. Would highly
recommend this to anyone in the building and construction industry. "

Shu, Design Director,

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